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Looking for Venue Rental Space?

Looking for studio space for music lessons, dance lessons, singing lessons, indoor event/concert space for your dance/theatre company, or indoor space for your church services...the STAR Rep Facility offers versatile Venue Rental space for every occasion!


Studio Space

Our 4 studios are perfect

space for classes (music/dance),

rehearsals, private lessons, small group  meetings/gatherings, and dressing/green rooms. Our 5000 sqft space provides a safe atmosphere for kids and families

Event Space

Our 2000 sqft  event space with 175 seating capacity, is ideal for performance events, indoor celebrations, large group/church gatherings, group rehearsal or dance space, with a total capacity up to 250

Theatre Space

Our 2000 sqft 175 seat theatrical performance venue is equipped with a Behringer sound system, ETC EOS lighting system with LED, moving lights/more, Qlabs with 2 projector system, 2 curtain tracks with CYC 

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For more information contact us at 760.751.3035

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