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After many years of being involved on the Boards of other San Diego theater companies, STAR Repertory Theatre was formed in 2011, by Scott, Meredith and Megan Kolod with one major goal: to allow youths to have as much fun as possible in musical theatre by giving them as many opportunities/roles as is reasonably possible.  It is for that reason that STAR Rep does not cut anyone from their shows. Indeed, STAR Rep double, triple, (and occasionally) quadruple cast their shows to accommodate an appropriate number of lead roles for the size of the cast. For those who are not cast in a lead role, the STAR Rep production staff works hard to find ways to feature everyone in the show. STAR Rep is gender and race blind in casting, and gives no preferential treatment to anyone who auditions, regardless of whether they are new to STAR Rep, or have done multiple previous shows with STAR Rep.  STAR Rep also welcomes all families to "play" together on stage!  Parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and the like are encouraged to join and participate in making cherished memories with their actor/actress on stage!


In September, 2018, STAR Rep completed its 1200 square foot set storage warehouse, which in turn allowed STAR Rep to finally open its doors to its own home theatre, which is permitted for 175 seats. This 6000 square foot venue will allow STAR Rep to try more and more different and interesting performances in acting, singing and dancing. Additionally, there are multiple large rehearsal rooms, which will be used for teaching.


STAR Rep has the lowest cost on tuition and tickets, for the types of shows that it performs, and scholarships can be obtained, when necessary.  Each show production staff is made up of extremely experienced and knowledgeable working professionals in the theatre world.  Finally, the performances are top notch and of professional quality as can be seen by looking at the many videos…which speak for themselves!


STAR Repertory Theatre's mission is to teach, develop, create, promote, and present compelling and impassioned works that bridge communities through entertaining artistry. STAR Rep's specific goal is to ensure that the child actors have FUN while learning and performing, while the adult actors achieve the height of excellence!  STAR Rep's mission has also been to provide a safe haven that empowers performers and families to grow their confidence, promote creativity, and build self-esteem through the world of musical theatre regardless of gender, ability, religion, economic status, ethnicity, race, political affiliation, sexual or gender orientation.   STAR Rep is a safe place for everyone!

STAR Repertory Theatre is organized exclusively for the educational, literary and presentational purposes of fostering greater awareness and understanding of performance theatre through educational programs, and onstage theatrical performances!  


STAR Repertory Theatre has been formed by actors who have grown up through the youth theatre system, and are anxious to share their knowledge and experiences with today's youth!  STAR Rep's youth theatre division is dedicated to ensuring that it's rehearsals and performances are FUN, Educational, and Rewarding. The adult theatre division is dedicated to providing top quality professional performances that the public should tout as the best they have ever seen!



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