Tickets are available to purchase below, and will be available at the door (if we do not sell out)!


STAR Repertory Theatre will be hosting it's Fifth Annual STAR AWARD 2017 FORMAL FUNDRAISER AND SHOW, on December 30, 2017 at 6 pm-10 pm, at the new STAR Repertory Theatre, 329 E. Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA!  Please dress to impress in your fanciest formal wear!

The STAR Rep Nominations for the 2017 STAR Awards have been announced (see below).  The shows for which the Awards are being given are for STAR Rep's 2016 Season:

Grease the Musical, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Lion King Jr., The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy, Oliver the Musical

Elegant hors d'oeuvres will be served, as well as performances by many of your

STAR Rep family!

Tickets will then be $20 each from November 22nd until December 22nd. After December 22nd tickets will be $25 each. Since it is a fundraiser, everyone who comes in the door will be required to pay the ticket fee. Tickets can be purchased prior to the show, and will also be available at the door the night of the show for $25 each (if we don't sell out)!

ATTENTION: If you are a nominee, your ticket fee payment entitles you to perform/present at the STAR Rep Award Show. Please notify Meredith Kolod of your desire to perform/present on or before November 27, 2017. Scott Kolod, who knows all of the nominees, will determine the song you will perform, and advise you of the same, on or before December 1, 2017. There will only be 3 rehearsals to be determined at a later date.

Each winner will receive a genuine STAR AWARD TROPHY! Runner up awards will also be given to some nominees in attendance.

Hope to see you all there! It is going to be a great night for theatre!!

Please purchase tickets below!

If you are interested in performing or presenting an award for STAR Rep's 2016 AWARD SHOW, please email us at or call us at (760) 751-3035 ASAP!

Deadline to participate is November 27, 2017!


*Note: Not everyone in every STAR Rep show is nominated! There may be some discrepancies when it comes to ages, but the awards will not designate age. They will just say "Best Actor/Best Actress". They will have the name of the winner, so please check the spelling of your name, in case you win!*


Best Actor (Over 25)

Doug Friedman (Fagin-Oliver)

Evan White (Gaston-Beauty and the Beast)

Scott Kolod (Gomez- Addams Family)

Derek Rosario (Danny-Grease)

Jeremy Marlow (Bumble-Oliver)

Ryan Burtanog (Fester- Addams Family)

Best Actress (Over 25)

Catherine Dickens (Morticia-Addams Family)

Theresa Dame (Alice-Addams Family)

Alex Koutsenok (Alice-Addams Family)

Sierra Poppleton (Belle-Beauty and the Beast)

Wendy Pendergrass (Nancy-Oliver)

Best Actor (20-25)

Ben Monts (Gaston-Beauty and the Beast)

Kevin Burroughs (Beast-Beauty and the Beast)

Liam Sullivan (Sikes-Oliver)

Kevin Phan (Doody-Grease)

Bryce Guzzetta (Gomez-Addams Family)

Jeffrey Yarush (Lumiere-Beauty and the Beast)

Best Actress (18-25)

Violet Meyers (Sandy-Grease)

Sydney Woolf (Nancy-Oliver)

Paloma Peterson (Rizzo-Grease)

Delaney Dietrich (Belle-Beauty and the Beast)

Kylie Buckland (Corney-Oliver)

Paloma Peterson (Wednesday-Addams Family)

Best Actor (16-19)

Kai Brown (Beast - Beauty and the Beast)

Ramsey Esparza (Kenickie-Grease)

Sid Chaiyahat (Danny-Grease)

Gabe Rasmussen (Kenickie-Grease)

Cody Goniea (Lucas-Addams Family)

Jordan Beck (Lucas-Addams Family)

Best Actress (12-17)

Megan Kolod (Wednesday-Addams Family)

Maya Berg (Pugsley-Addams Family)

Brynn Bachman (Morticia-Addams Family)

Haley Kruger (Timon-Lion King)

Holly Schwenk (Bet-Oliver)

Isabella Torinello (Nala-Lion King)

Best Actor (15 under)

Keegan McGowan (Oliver-Oliver)

Reid Henderson (Dodger-Oliver)

Brendan Beck (Pugsley-Addams Family)

Ken Eckel (Scar-Lion King)

Max Leadley (Pumba-Lion King)

Luke Allen (Simba/Mufasa-Lion King)

Best Actress (12 under)

Jasmine Papazian (Simba-Lion King)

Izzy Smith (Simba-Lion King)

Kaydi Self (Nala-Lion King)

Sadie Thomas (Zazu-Lion King)

Sarafina Pyers (Zazu-Lion King)

Sydney Mellot (Timon-Lion King)


Best Supporting Actor (Over 40)

Bob Poppleton (Maurice-Beauty and the Beast)

T.C. Ghosh (Cogsworth- Beauty and the Beast)

Michael Berg (Mal-Addams Family)

Craig Casey (Mr. Sowerbury-Oliver)

Mark Broschart (Mr. Brownlow-Oliver)

Gerry Velona (Mal-Addams Family)

Best Supporting Actress (Over 30)

Jenny Poppleton (Mrs. Sowerbury-Oliver)

Kristin Morales (Grandma-Addams Family)

Cynthia Leigh (Bouche-Oliver)

Felicia Broschart (Bedwin-Oliver)

Laralee Beck (Marie A.-Addams Family)

Jackie P. Brown (Maid-Oliver)

Best Supporting Actor (20-40)

Andrew Morales (Cogsworth- Beauty and the Beast)

Ben Monts (Roger-Grease)

Liam Sullivan (Lurch-Addams Family)

Kevin "Blax" Burroughs (Teen Angel-Grease)

Reuben Gutierrez (Eugene-Grease)

Jeffrey Yarush (Vince-Grease)

Best Supporting Actress (20-30)

Katie Rideout (Jan-Grease)

Courtney Rosario (Mrs. Potts-Beauty and the Beast)

Wendy Pendergrass (Bouche-Beauty and the Beast)

Erica Champagne (Marty-Grease)

Riayn Harris (Grandma-Addams Family)

Caitleen Pacis (Charlotte-Oliver)

Best Supporting Actor (14-20)

Chris Moore (Roger-Grease)

Mason Ballard (Lumiere-Beauty and the Beast)

Michael Greth (Sonny-Grease)

Michael Horst (Eugene-Grease)

Michael Yarush (Sonny-Grease)

Dylan Gardner (Lefou-Beauty and the Beast)

Best Supporting Actress (16-20)

Jillian Fortner (Jan-Grease)

Caladh Walker (Narrator-Beauty and the Beast)

Nicole Lenos (Frenchy-Grease)

Mannon Sullivan (Babette-Beauty and the Beast)

Chloe Saye (Noah-Oliver)

Elizabeth Renda (Cha Cha-Grease)

Best Supporting Actor (13 under)

Levi Pendergrass (Chip-Beauty and the Beast)

Colin Palmer (Pretty Boy-Oliver)

Scott Parker (Cronk-Oliver)

Jaxson Bittner (IT-Addams Family)

Thomas Allen (Mouth-Oliver)

Leo Quick (Shadow-Oliver)

Best Supporting Actress (12 -14)

Lillian Broschart (Marty-Grease)

Mikayla Kelly (Frenchy-Grease)

Carly Davila (Patty-Grease)

Savannah Farmer (Patty-Grease)

Kathryn Weaver (Charlotte-Oliver)

Juliana Cenderelli (Cha Cha-Grease)

Best Supporting Actress (12 and under)

Morgan Marlow (Chip-Beauty and the Beast)

Sabrina Calderon (Chip-Beauty and the Beast)

Skylar Zetmeir (Chip-Beauty and the Beast)

Chloe Richardson (Chip-Beauty and the Beast)

Lucy Pendergrass (Fingers-Oliver)

Keely Mason (Swish-Oliver)

Gracie Howard (Cockeyed-Oliver)

Producer’s Award

Michael Berg

Gerry Velona

Pete Dame

Theresa Dame

Alex Koutsenok     

STAR PAC’s Award

Felicia Broschart

Judy Bass

Renee Berg

Kelly Calderon

Joy Deubig

Vanessa Olson

Melissa Howard

Best Overall Performer

Megan Kolod

Paloma Peterson

Ryan Burtanog

Scott Kolod

Kevin "Blax" Burroughs

Brynn Bachman

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