Footloose was FABULOUS!!!!! The singing and dancing were way beyond expectation. Congratulations Meredith, Scott and all those involved who made STAR Repertory Theater's debut a night to remember....AND....most importantly of all....STAR promises more to come!!!!

~ Esther

Seussical Jr was AMAZING!!  Wonderful director, producer, actors, singers, stage crew and the most beautiful sets I've ever seen painted by an artist extraordinaire!! Megan, Gar, Scott and Mer....what an undertaking which paid off beautifully. Thanks for sharing all your talents. 

~ Dan

What a great show on Sat!  My husband, granddaughters  and I thoroughly enjoyed  it. The girls were thrilled to meet the cast and get their autographs after the show. 

~ Cindy

Words fall short -but thank you for all you do for our children. The production was nothing short of wonderful! It surely goes to show that when one door closes, another one opens... And STAR was the result! Bravo!

~ Annette

Such a great experience for our WHOLE family!!!  Thank you Meredith and Scott SOOOO much!  ALMOST ready for the next one!  wink  See you soon!

~ Joy

The performance was so great.  We had a lot of fun!!  (We) saw all 3 shows and just loved it.

~ Amy

One of the best Seussical Jr's I have ever seen!  Scott did things I have never seen before!  Congrats to STAR for a great production!

~ Terry 

Wow, I still can't get over what a moving performance you gave.

~ Deb

This is some of the best theatre I've seen in a long time.  You can tell that the cast members are all very close and they love what they do.

~ Chad

Terrific energy our local youth groups gave to the Footloose production. Venue is excellent, parking and access to theatre the best. North County is blessed with the Performing Arts Center in Escondido.

~ Marion

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!  Sooooo PROUD of the entire Into the Woods cast!  My whole family was there for the afternoon matinee plus three cousins!  The performance brought tears to my eyes!

~ Becky 

Into the Woods was awesome!!

~ Caitlin 

 AMAZING SHOW!  Congratz to the whole Into the Woods Cast!  Especially Fred!

~ Sean

 Watching Into the Woods now - it's TERRIFIC!

~ Jackie

Into the Woods was such a great show!  We loved it so much!  Can't wait to come back and see it again!

~ Darlene 

Bravi tutti.  STAR's Into the Woods touched my heart!

~ Krishan

Great Opening Show for STAR's Into the Woods!  All of you were fantastic!  Can't wait to go see it again!

~ Ofelia 

Really enjoyed STAR's production of Into the Woods!  I couldn't believe the people lined up outside the theatre for the evening show....they were far, far, far, down the sidewalk waiting to get in!  Wonderful production and great talent!  Kudos to the KOLODS, and everyone of their wonderful volunteers and cast!!

~ Esther 

Great job Into the Woods cast!  Darryl and I really enjoyed the performance!  Great talent in the cast!  Congrats!!

~ Christian

The Into the Wood's shows have been GREAT!  Looking forward to the weekend of shows!

~ Linda 

I just wanted to say again how incredibly much I enjoyed the Into the Woods show!  The entire cast was fantastic; the orchestra was great, and the tech crews did a wonderful job too!  An all around amazing show!  Enjoy the rest of the run!!  Break a leg!!

~ Heather 

Into the Woods was FANTASTIC........I loved it!!!

~ Gina 

Into the Woods was a GREAT show!  So glad my son Tommy and I went!  He can't stop talking about it ;)

~ Missy 

Awesome show!  Congrats to the whole cast of Into the Woods, and Mer and Scott for their dedication!

~ Flo 

I have seen Into the Woods before, but this production did not disappoint! The venue is small so every seat is great. Thought the performers did a great job. Loved it!

~ Christina

Most enjoyable production of Into the Woods...excellent cast..Sondheim at his best..

~  Doug

It's Tuesday, and the first thing that came to mind was, gotta get things ready for Little Mermaid rehearsal. Oh, yeah not this week :( It is an adjustment after spending time with such great people! Thanks Scott and Meredith for your dedication, and thanks Julie for convincing me to let Amenah have this great experience. It was great to get to know such wonderful people :D

~ Estela

Thank you all for being amazing! I love you all! I want to thank Meredith, Scott, and Hannah for making my dreams come true! I could do Little Mermaid over and over, and never get sick of it! I will see you all in Sweeney Todd, and Willy Wonka! I'm living somewhere beyond my wildest dreams! ♥ 

~ Erica

So I'm tucking Riley in bed tonight and she says "mom I feel weird, different, like I am gonna cry". She misses seeing all of you already! Thank you to Scott and Meredith and the whole cast of Little Mermaid for making my little girl feel so special and loved! She had the best time and definately needs to see you all again! I'm sure she will be doing Aladdin! She's having rehearsal withdrawls  :-)

~ Tera

Little Mermaid was SO good. The talent was incredible!!! I had so many of my friends and family come to cheer on little Georgia, and they were all thoroughly impressed! Thanks for loving and accepting my little crazy girl! :-)

~ Suzanne

 STAR's Little Mermaid was an awesome show....such talent! 

~ Felicia

Amazing job Little Mermaid cast, it was an incredible opening, so proud of you all :)

~ Robert


CONGRATULATIONS on Star's Best Show Yet!!  LITTLE MERMAID WAS UNBELIEVABLE!! The audiences were amazed! Now you need some well deserved rest and relaxation before Aladdin starts ;)

~ Tina

Meredith - Sorry I missed seeing you at the show, but wanted to let you know how much fun it was seeing The Little Mermaid on Friday night!  It was great to see a big crowd in the audience, and the kids were adorable!

Please pass on my congrats to Scott, and I look forward to connecting with you again sometime soon.

~ Doug

What a FANTASTIC production of Little Mermaid.  Everyone did a marvelous job! The colors were beautiful, vibrant and exilerating. CONGRATULATIONS STAR/aka Scott and Meredith!!

~ Esther

What an AMAZING production of Little Mermaid!  We love watching our STAR family grow!!

~ Jennifer 

We really enjoyed this show! Great script, good music and very well produced. The director and kids did a remarkable job with a cast of this size. We do not have kids in this show and went because we were interested in the subject matter. Our 12yr old granddaughter is rapidly approaching 13 and we wanted to learn what to expect. Boy, did we! This was a very enjoyable night of entertainment.

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